Brake (remote) Servos

Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Based on Land Rover Defender brake parts

for all Series Land Rovers

Disc brake kit to enable the fitting of Defender rotor discs and calipers

This is the basic bare kit and it consists of:

- 2 swivel houses
- 2 wheel hubs

The swivels and hubs come bare and all the original components will fit onto and into them (bearings, seals, gaskets, free wheel hubs, king pins etc.).
There is no need for any modification.
All parts used are the original / standard Series axle parts except for the 2 Defender rotor disc (+ bolts) and the 2 Defender caliper (+pads and bolts).

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Disc brake system built up with Defender discs and calipers
Basic disc brake kit

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