HST SuperDrive GLR120A


for Series II, IIA & III 109 Land Rovers

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HST SuperDrive GLR120A overdrive

  • Complete assembled and tested unit
  • Lever, knob and bracket
  • Gear box seal and user manual
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  • Better fuel consumption
  • Lower cabin noise due to lower engine rev.
  • Splitter function: the unit can be used in every gear, this means 8 forward gears instead of 4.
    Very useful for towing or driving up long hill climbs
  • Large autonomous oil sump to allow better lubrication and cooling. No risk of running without lubrication due to insufficient oil flow. It's independent of transfer case oil levels.
  • Stronger and more durable due to larger gears and bigger bearings
  • Well proven design based on the traditional gears and synchro-mesh set-up, not on "standard aftermarket" planetary gears taken out of automatic gear boxes.
  • Simple bolt-on conversion, easy to maintain and not vehicle specific.


HST SuperDrive GLR120A Overdrive

Finally Heystee Automotive has managed to start the production of the HST SuperDrive. This unit is based on the original Santana GLR120A unit which was designed in the early 1980s in reaction to overdrive problems that occurred with the use of the more powerful 3,4 ltr. 6 cylinder diesel in the 109" Series IV at that time.

As a result Santana made many improvements to increase the strength, reliability and durability. This re-designed unit was very successful for many years until Santana stopped production in the 1990s. After the change of ownership at Santana Motors, shortly after, all tools, molds and drawings where scrapped and/or lost. Therefore it was impossible to get new re-production units or even spare parts directly from Santana. Back in 1998 and 1999 Heystee Automotive bought the last stock of 23 new Santana overdrive units directly from Santana Motors. The units where sold and are still in use today. Until now there where no similar overdrive units available on the market although demand was high.

The new HST SuperDrive unit is in many ways identical to the old Santana unit. All the moving parts are identical to the original Santana unit, however, some changes where made to the casing to enable oil level checks and extended breather fitting.

Retaining the moving parts Identical means that they are interchangeable with the "old" Santana unit. Therefore a separate gear-set for rebuilding existing Santana units is available.

The production of the gears, shafts and synchro-mesh unit are machined from the best quality materials and to the highest standards to ensure durability. Also modern gear cutting techniques make the power transfer more efficient so less heat is produced.

The HST SuperDrive unit is assembled and tested in house to retain absolute quality control and comes with a full 20.000 Km, and/or 1 year warranty on material and production defects.

Notes: The unit fits to all Series gearbox, both 4 and 6 cylinder, except the  "all helical" 1 ton transfer case and the 109 V8 (LT95 gearbox)

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