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HST Parabolic springs

Front Spring 715.110 H & 715.110 L (all load levels)

Like all our parabolic springs these front springs have strict parabolical tapered leaves which are clamped together with a steel clamp. At the outer ends long-lasting poly urethane blocs are fitted to improve the driving comfort significantly and to prevent steel to steel contact. Both ends of the main leaf are secured by the second leaf which loops over the main leaf (mill. spec.).

The ride height will be higher (+/- 20 mm) than standard. The H (high) and L (low) variants are designed to compensate left and right differences and to enable ride height variations with heavy front equipment.
Like the earlier HST springs the ride, articulation and handling are much better than that of the standard "conventional" springs. Together with our Trail & Track 4x4 shock absorbers the ultimate suspension upgrading is now complete.


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