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Rear Spring 715.140 (load level C)

The 3+1 leaf rear spring is specially designed for 109" LWB Land Rovers.

This spring is the "next step up" in our load capacity range. It has an extra leaf between the second leaf and the helper leaf. This means that the spring rate is higher than that of the 715.130 (2+helper) spring. The helper leaf will only come into action under higher payloads and when cornering so it gives the vehicle more stability than a 3 leaf design.

Just like the 715.130 (2+helper) the helper leaf of the 715.140 just touches the upper leaf, in normal driving position, and in off-road conditions the helper leaf will stay close to this upper leaf due to it's well designed curvature and carefully located clamps therefore it will stay clear from any obstruction or underground.

The four leaves are held together with a steel clamp, which is fitted to the helper leaf. The clamp has been secured with a bolt (in a similar way as with the 715.140 & 150, see below) and guides the upper leaves.

  • Technical data sheet

  • 1997 - 2007 Heystee Automotive bv