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U-bolts, Spring bolts and shackle pins

For HST Parabolic Springs



Because our parabolic springs are less high the need for shorter U-bolts is required.

We have 3 types of U-bolts available to suit all types of springs to all possible axles. These U-bolts are made from high grade steel. The metric M12 thread is rolled on pre-pressed sleeves. This means that the thread is more dense and better resistant to strip off. The U-bolts are hardened and shot peened before galvanised in yellow.

We supply these U-bolts as axle kits (4 u-bolts, 8 washers & 8 nylock nuts) or as part of the complete vehicle kits.
NOTE: These u-bolts fit without modifications

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Spring bolts & shackle pins

Spring Bolts

Our springs are 100% interchangeable with the genuine Land Rover items. Therefore we sell and stock the genuine spring bolts and nuts. We supply them in vehicle kits of 12, as shown above.


We advice to use the standard short shackles for both front and rear. Although these normal shackles will be used in most cases longer shackles can be required when there is need for more lift. When the springs are fitted to military chassis and the lower fixing points are used the corresponding longer shackles should also be fitted. Due to the fact that the HST 715.150 rear spring already give an additional lift of +/- 4 cm this spring should be fitted to the higher fixing points, of the military chassis frame, together with the short (civil) shackles to prevent the propshafts from damaging.


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