Parabolic Springs Shock Absorbers fitting kits
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Specialy designed for our Parabolic Springs


Our parabolic springs are more flexible than the standard Land Rover multy leaf springs so damping becomes more critical. KONI has 40 years of knowledge in the field of spring damping. On our request they make a special series which are "taylor made" to suit our Parabolic Springs.

The SPX series are gas filled heavy duty hydraulic dampers with adjustable valves to keep the damping optimised durring it's life. After the last setting it done the complete damper can be rebuild for an other long working life.

The KONI's are boxed per pair and come with full instructions and factory spec. top quality rubber bushes. They have preset factory valve stettings to deliver a superior highway ride and maximum control off-road. The lifetime warranty tells you that your KONI shock absorbers are designed to last forever.

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