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For Series I, II, IIA & III Land Rovers


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HST Parabolic suspension systems

Since 1997, when I first introduced the parabolic springs into the Land Rover market, I have been developing these systems continuously with the aim of supplying the best, top quality suspension for the Series Land Rover currently available. 

Below you find some of the many typical features of the HST system.

Only top quality DIN Chrome Vanadium steel is used for our parabolic springs I use only true parabolic, 5 digits, tapering sequences with strict tolerance of +/- 0.15 mm. Spring eyes are absolute accurate to take our special HST poly-urethane bushes which are developed to suit the special parabolic characteristics, however, the traditional Land Rover bushes will still fit without any problems. The center holes, for the center bolt, are correctly round-off shaped to keep the typical parabolic high tensile forces in control. The finish is as always in our branded HST black. The leaves are painted on all sides in zinc rich primer and a coat of special flexible HST dark grey paint. The poly-urethane interleaf blocks* are a development of HST and is a typical and protected HST feature which gives the minimum interleaf friction and maximum comfort effect possible. I have an in-house quality controlled assembly line where I can built custom versions to suit my customers individual needs.

Due to the accurate parabolic tapering my parabolic springs have a very consistent spring rate, excellent load capacity,better then original..


ISO 9000 quality standard

All HST Parabolic springs are manufactured under ISO 9000 standards according the TÜV Quality Management System under certification. This German TÜV certificate describes how the production has to take place. It also describes how every stage of the production is monitored and checked for quality at all times. Also it provides the ability to trace every product ever made and sold. In this way I can supply you with the best Parabolic springs available.

HST is a TÜV certificated company. The suspension systems are TÜV approved.

(* patent is applied for)

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