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HST Parabolic Suspension

For Series I, II, IIA & III Land Rovers

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Selection and choice

We have 1 type of front spring and 4 types of rear springs to accommodate the load levels. All springs also have a 2 height varieties, high "H" and low "L", so all types of Series Land Rovers can be suited and leaning can be prevented. They fit in exactly the same way as standard leaf springs, and come with HST PolyUretane bushes. All HST Parabolic springs are manufactured under ISO 9000 standards according the TÜV Quality Management System.
HST is a TÜV certificated company.

80", 86" and 88" Short wheelbase:

These Land Rovers (all with wide type of springs) can be fitted with our 2 leaf (HST 715.110) parabolic front spring and 2 + 1 leaf (HST 715.130) parabolic springs at the rear. These give a good combination of comfort, articulation, and load carrying. They are also good for towing. The helper leaf will come into action and thus giving a stable tow. For extensive Off-Road use the 2 leaf parabolic rear springs (HST 715.120) are more suitable due to the fact that this type does not have a helper leaf. This spring, however, does not have a high load capacity.

107" and 109" Long Wheelbase:

These Land Rovers also have a choice. For non load carriers we recommend for the rear the 2 + 1 helper leaf (HST 715.130) since they have the same load capacity as the standard station wagon leaf springs. When more load capacity is required, the 3 + helper leaf (HST 715.140) and 4 leaf (HST 715.150) parabolic rear springs are suitable. All parabolic springs give a good comfort whether unladen or laden!