Parabolic Springs Shock Absorbers fitting kits
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Shock absorbers

for HST Parabolic Suspension

Trail & Track 4x4 Heavy Duty

These Trail & Track 4x4 Heavy Duty shock absorbers are made by Heystee Automotive and specially designed and tested for HST Parabolic springs

LiP 4x4

A good quality shock absorber, designed for Parabolic springs

GAZ Adjustable

UK made, Top quality adjustable (in 34 steps) shock absorber.
Designed and suited for Parabolic springs

Custom Off-Road

Shock Absorber Comparison Table

In this table we compare various shock absorbers. It is our intention to show which shock absorbers are relatively identical in terms of length (both collapsed and extended). For reference we included the standard Land Rover shock absorber dimensions of both 'normal' and HD extended shackle types (see part numbers).

Warning! The standard shock absorbers for multi leaf spring Land Rovers can NOT be used with parabolic springs (in general). The oil will overheat due to internal friction since the damping settings of standard shock absorbers are not designed for parabolic springs. In some cases these standard shock absorbers can explode.

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