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The Santana PS-10



The Santana PS-10

The new Santana was designated PS-10 and presented as 'Hannibal' but due to obvious reasons it is now officially named PS-10.
The PS-10 is in many aspects still the same as the Santana 2500 but a lot of details are changed. One of the most interesting changes is the replacement of the heavy 6 cyl diesel for the lighter, more economic, IVECO 3.0 l common rail 4 cyl. engine. This engine is fitted to a complete new ZF 6 speed manual main gearbox + LT230 4x2/4x4 transfer box. Power steering is a standard feature.

The vehicle is still leaf sprung, to retain the simple and robust Land Rover suspension features however due to our efforts to market parabolic suspension systems it is now fitted out with parabolic suspension for the European market.
Also different is the one piece body, which is a mixture of steel 'cage structure' and aluminum body panels. The whole body is mounted onto the sturdy, box section, chassis frame using 'silent blocs'.

The interior is changed and improved so the driver can now find him/herself in a more comfortable position behind the steering wheel. The defender like seat box is no longer there so the floor is flat which gives much more room for longer persons to sit properly behind the steering wheel.

We are able to supply all possible modifications, you name it, we fit it.

- Air-conditioning
- Central locking system + alarm
- Tinted windows
- Sunroof
- Interior trim and seats in leader
- Special seats
- Sound system
- GPS navigation system
- Acoustic mat system for better sound proofing
- Special paint finishes
- Full overland expedition preparation
- Camper conversion
- Soft top conversion
- Pick up conversion
- Short wheel base conversion
- Custom made bumper with integrated winch, various types
- Custom made roof racks
- Underbody protection
- Side protection
- Active anti-roll bar system
- ABS and traction control, in combination with permanent 4x4
- Special suspension upgrade, more articulation better handling/comfort
- Air suspension / level control for the rear
- Diff lock, front and rear
- BMW 6 cyl. petrol engine conversion

Technical specifications


Overall length   4,675 mm
Overall width   1,750 mm
Total height   2,000 mm
Wheelbase   2,786 mm
Track - front and rear   1,486 mm
Ground clearance   200 mm
Approach angle   50°
Departure angle   30°
Ramp breakover angle   152°
Lateral angle   40°
Maximum slope   45°
Depth of fording   500 mm


Max. authorised weight:    3,050 Kg
On axle1   1,080 Kg
On axle 2   1,970 Kg  
Weight in motion:   2,050 Kg

On axle 1     967 Kg
On axle 2   1,083 Kg
Maximum weight   1,000 Kg
Maximum towing capacity:  
A) Without auxiliary brake      750 Kg  
B) With auxiliary brake   3,500 Kg
Total combined weight   5,090 Kg
 No. of seats


Front and rear   Parabolic leaf springs
Shock absorbers   4, double effect


Type and sizes   D689 235/85R16


Fuel capacity   100 liter  


Transmission type   ZF Manual 6 speed and reverse
Clutch type   Double plate
Possibilities   High 4x2/4x4; Low 4x4
Spiral final drive transfer case   43/11 = 3,909
Gear ratios:  
first   3.6497:1
second   2.1805:1
third   1.4362:1
fourth   1:1
fifth   0.7951:1
Reverse   3.8242:1
LT-230 Transfer box gear ratios:  
High   1.192:1
Low   3.3198:1


Steering type   Hydraulically assisted
Turning radius   7.3 m


Vented front disc   Effective radius: 123.8
Rear disc   Effective radius: 125
Hand   Transfer box (9")


Brand   IVECO
Type   8140.43 P  
Direct injection   Common Rail

No of cylinders   4
Displacement   3.000 c.c.
Maximum power(Kw/h.p.- r.p.m.)   135 @ 3.600
Maximum torque (Nm - r.p.m.)   350 @ 1.800
Induction   Turbo intercooler
Fuel   Diesel

Military Version (not available)

This is the air portable military version. It has many interesting features, like the 'heavy duty' front bumper and fold down side windows, which we like to see on the civilian versions as well.

Artist impression of how a "custom" version of the PS-10 would look like....

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